4 Reasons You Should Update Your Workspace

We are spending more time at home than ever before, which for many people, includes working. If you are on the job hunt, that means you are applying for jobs and interviewing from home. With these changes to the way we live, play, work and interview from home, it is inevitable that our workspace will need updating.

Not only does an updated workspace provide a great spot to work, pay bills, apply for jobs, and conduct group chat videos, as a job hunter, a workspace update means that you have an appropriate space to interview for a job.

Many work from home employees have already taken the steps to change their home office setup because an organized and updated workspace can lead to more productivity, even if it is a shared office space.

Hesitation to update workspace lies in having to spend the money and energy to update your workspace. However, as a serious job hunter, you will benefit from doing so.

4 Reasons You Should Update Your Workspace

Putting a little bit of elbow grease and a small investment into your workspace can deliver many benefits, especially when interviewing for jobs from there.

Here are four reasons why investing in your workspace is worth it:


1.   Your Engagement Will Increase

With a workspace that you have taken the time to clean, organize and update, you will feel more engaged and motivated to use the space. That means you will focus more on finding good jobs to apply for, working on your resume building skills, and you will have a place to study for your interviews. You will feel inspired to challenge yourself to succeed in an updated space.

Your workspace might need a desk lamp, organizational materials, a printer, or even a new computer. If your budget is limited, sometimes, a workspace update consists of buying a proper desk and chair. And if you already have the equipment, but it is currently being used as storage—simply clean it off and organize your books and papers to make it feel like a new office space, ready for productivity.

Organizing your space can eliminate mess and inspire creativity, organization, and time management. This is especially true if you have anyone at home who is remote learning or remotely working alongside you.


2.   You Should Enjoy Being in Your Workspace

If you dread heading into your workspace, it will show during your interviews. Your workspace should make you want to sit down and get to work, and the more your workspace works for you, the happier you will be to spend time in the space and increase your productivity.

Your workspace should not only be organized and functional, but it should also be aesthetically pleasing. A lucite dry erase board to write down significant deadlines and upcoming interviews is a great addition, and artwork or prints on the walls will add some personalized touches to your workspace.

Your aim when updating your workspace should be that you feel happy when you enter the room. A second thing to keep in mind is that you want to be proud to be interviewed in your workspace!


3.   A Revamped Workspace Can Give You a Morale Boost

When you recreate your workspace, the change can be good to get you out of a rut or a slump. A slight change in your work environment can help your work attitude and even help you feel more confident when being interviewed for a job.

You don’t need to completely change a room in your house to update your workspace. Creating a desk space in a spare room, an available nook, or even using open space in your kitchen or living room can make a great workspace.

When you update your workspace, even just removing cluttered bookshelves, removing old art from the walls, or reframing things you already have, you will know that your workspace is always ready for an impromptu interview or Zoom meeting.

Knowing that your workspace is prepared and ready for whatever you need, you will feel ready to take on new challenges.


4.   An Updated Workspace Can Foster Inspiration

Have you ever felt stuck or overwhelmed by your current employment situation? If you are job hunting, you are more than likely to want a change— maybe you are looking for a raise or promotion in your current job, or you want to break into a new industry, or you might just be starting into the workforce.

Creating a more attractive and organized workspace for your home is one way you can help yourself get inspired to upgrade your education, apply for a job you think is out of your grasp, or reach out to network with others.

Your work environment really does matter. Investing in your workspace will help you feel ready to sit down and get to work to apply for jobs. Once you have secured a job interview, your interview in your new workspace will just be a perfect result of your hard work, motivation and inspiration.


Your Space is Ready for Interviewing, Now What?

Now that you have invested time (and possibly money) into updating your home workspace, your work from home or remote interview options are set.

If you have been in a work slump or unsure of where to start looking for a new job, you might already be feeling some creative inspiration. At this point, you could be considering how to update your resume or how to prepare for an interview.

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Once your resume has caught the eye of a potential employer, a session or two with a certified career coach from Career Marketing Centre is your next step. A certified career coach will help you identify and strengthen your personal career story, practice your interview strategy and complete a mock interview to give you the confidence to ace your job interview.

Armed with a fresh, new workspace and the preparations from a career coach and resume service for a small investment, you have given yourself the tools to succeed in your path to a new career!

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Amy Watt4 Reasons You Should Update Your Workspace