5 Ways That Interview Coaching Can Help You Land a Job

Interviewing for a job can be intimidating, especially when you have been in the same position for a long time or haven’t been interviewed in ages. Not only is it hard to make that shift, but interviewers often don’t give feedback after your interview. So, you are left unsure of what you may have done right and what you may have done wrong.

You may be interviewing for a position that is an increase in responsibility or pay, or maybe you are interviewing for a competitive job at a competitive company. Depending on the situation and the number of applicants, you might be going for multiple panel interviews. You can feel lost in the fray and unsure whether or not your interview behaviour is working.

What can you do to increase your chances of being hired and feel more comfortable during the process?

A professional interview coaching service can help. Even if you are confident with your interviewing skills, a professional interview coaching service will teach you techniques, so you are more prepared.

How exactly can hiring an interview coach help you get a job? Here’s a list of the top 5 ways interview coaching can help you succeed in your job search.


5 Ways That Interview Coaching Can Help You Get Hired

An interview coach will teach you strategies and offer feedback on how you are responding to interview questions.

In a coaching session, you will meet with a professional who will train you on interview preparedness, including the things that interviewers and employers are looking for, cues and techniques to improve the interview quality and working through responses that will improve your chances of getting hired. Increased preparation boosts confidence which will help you feel more comfortable throughout the overall hiring process.

As promised, here are the top reasons that interview coaching can help you land the job you want:


1. Instill Confidence

If you are someone who gets nervous when experiencing public speaking or speaking about yourself, an interview coach will help you feel comfortable. Perhaps interviewing has changed since the last time you had an interview. A professional interview coach who continually stays up to date with important hiring trends and best practices will be aware of the most recent interview techniques and common questions.

Practice responding to questions and showcasing your talents with an interview coach. This can help build your confidence and leave you feeling poised and confident to go into an interview.


2. Keep Up with the Trends

If it has been years since your last interview, you are understandably a bit rusty. Even if you haven’t started job hunting, you can benefit from work with an interview coach.

A professional interview coach will ask you routine interview questions and give you feedback on your responses. With remote interviews on the uptick, you will no longer be able to rely on face-to-face rapport, and instead, you will need a different skillset to build your comfort level with remote interviews. An interview coach will help prepare for both remote or in-person interviews.


3. Get Answers

Maybe you have already been going for job interviews and had no response or job offers. In this case, you probably wish you had some insight into what you have done wrong. An interview coach will assess your answers to interview questions and determine where your weaknesses and strengths lie.

Your interview coach can help you find the appropriate ways to talk about your achievements and show off your successes, competencies, and areas where you have excelled.


4. Help Explain Resume Issues

Do you have an unexplained gap in employment? Are you changing industries or job fields? Were you fired from your last job? When faced with questions about employment ‘issues’ arise during your interview, you can be left floundering.

Working with an interview coach can help you formulate a plan to address this when the questions come up during an interview. You can often use these gaps or issues to your advantage as they might signify overcoming a hardship.


5. Dream Interview

If you have landed an interview for your dream gig, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Hiring an interview coach for targeted rehearsals will help you get an edge over the competition. You will feel more confident going into an interview for your dream job with an interview coach’s help.


How Interview Coaching Works

When you purchase a career coaching session at Career Marketing Centre, you are buying an investment in your future.

Each session is purchased separately and lasts one hour. You will receive a list of potential interview questions to go over before you have your coaching session, which takes place by phone. During your coaching session, the coach will listen to your responses and provide feedback.

If you are ready to sharpen your interview abilities, Career Marketing Centre is the best choice for you. With recognitions like the Award of Excellence as an Outstanding Employment Interview Strategist, you can be sure that you are gaining years of industry experience to support you in your job search.

Career Marketing Centre discovers your strengths, helps you effectively communicate, and gives you the tools to overcome any obstacles you encounter during your interview. We also teach you to employ an award-winning methodology to structure and express behavioural and value-based interview questions.

In addition to interview coaching, Career Marketing Centre offers professional resume and cover letter writing services. With certifications from the Career Professionals of Canada such as Resume Strategist, Career Strategist, Interview Strategist, and Employment Strategist, Career Marketing Centre is your best choice for all of your employment-related coaching needs.

Career Marketing Centre has appointments available to suit your timetable, so even if you are working, you can book a coaching session on the weekends or during the evening! Check out our website to see what we can offer you.

Amy Watt5 Ways That Interview Coaching Can Help You Land a Job