The 7 Best Tips for Virtual Interviews

As we continue to adapt and adjust to the global COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have begun hiring again. And with stay-at-home orders and social distancing regulations in place, employers have been forced to turn to creative methods to interview potential candidates for open positions.

Virtual interviews are not only more common now; they are expected. This means that job seekers have been forced to modify their interview skills from face-to-face interviews to those taking place behind a computer screen.

If you aren’t sure about how to take on a virtual interview, we have you covered. We have compiled the seven best tips for your success in a virtual interview.

Amy WattThe 7 Best Tips for Virtual Interviews
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What are the Benefits of Interview Coaching?

Regardless of your time in the workforce, level of experience, or skill set, looking for a job can be stressful. It is, therefore, perfectly normal to seek help in your job search, especially when it comes to writing your resume or performing well on the interview.

One of the best things that you can do during your job search is hiring an interview coach. Whether you have many years in a particular industry and are looking for a change, have just finished school, or are seeking a promotion or a raise, an interview coach will tailor your interview training to help you present your best self, get ahead of the competition, and land the job you want.

Amy WattWhat are the Benefits of Interview Coaching?
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What to Expect When Hiring an Interview Coach

Do you feel like you need a change of scenery when it comes to your current job? Maybe you want, or deserve, a promotion? New to the workforce? Or, perhaps you have not had an interview in years. All of these scenarios warrant the help of a career coach.

A career coach has the expertise and workforce knowledge to help you prepare for an interview and land the job. Career coaches have mastered career planning, negotiation skills, resume writing, and interviewing. Just as you become an expert in your industry by studying and learning, career coaches continually research hiring applications and determine job seekers’ best practices.

Amy WattWhat to Expect When Hiring an Interview Coach
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Resumes 101: Things You Forgot and Didn’t Know

If it has been some time since you last applied for a job, then it has probably been a while since you have thought about or looked at your resume.

But, if you have decided to change careers, you’re applying for a job in the same industry, or you just want to refresh your resume to keep the option open, you have likely forgotten a few things. What’s more, there are probably a few things you didn’t know about resumes, too.

A captivating resume is essential when applying for jobs. The recruiter or HR manager who reads your resume will use it to distinguish you from other candidates and use it as a reference during an interview. 

Amy WattResumes 101: Things You Forgot and Didn’t Know
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Remote Interview Tips

COVID-19 has forced us to work from home, and more and more jobs are turning to remote interviews as part of the hiring process. While most of us have likely participated in remote meetings, many candidates (and hiring managers) are unsure how a remote interview works.

You can compare a remote interview to an open-book exam. You can have the information you need to be successful right in front of you, but it is useless if you don’t know how to use and apply it. You must prepare for your interview as if you have no resources, and you must also be ready for anything that might come up.

We have put together a guide to help you prepare for and ace your remote interview!

Amy WattRemote Interview Tips
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Why Career Coaching is Necessary in 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it—and it may be permanent. From virtual meetings and online hangouts to distanced coffee dates and driveway chats, this is the way we see people now. Our way of seeing people outside of our so-called bubble has had to change, or else we wouldn’t see anyone at all.

Amy WattWhy Career Coaching is Necessary in 2021?
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How to Get Your Resume Noticed

With the job market as competitive as it is, prevailing over other candidates for the same job is more crucial than ever. And in most cases, your resume is how you make a first impression on a hiring manager or recruiter.

With a hot job market and with most resumes being submitted online via email or an application system, a prospective employer may receive hundreds of resumes for one position.

Amy WattHow to Get Your Resume Noticed
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5 Ways That Interview Coaching Can Help You Land a Job

Interviewing for a job can be intimidating, especially when you have been in the same position for a long time or haven’t been interviewed in ages. Not only is it hard to make that shift, but interviewers often don’t give feedback after your interview. So, you are left unsure of what you may have done right and what you may have done wrong.

Amy Watt5 Ways That Interview Coaching Can Help You Land a Job
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