Can a resume have colour? Absolutely!

Most of us have seen the typical resume templates; however, while they may be pleasing to the eye, most are not applicant tracking software (ATS) compliant. This means that you will probably be eliminated from the process because the resume reading software cannot “read” your resume.  Many of these resume templates are remarkably similar to each other.

Amy WattCan a resume have colour? Absolutely!
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What’s a good resume headline?

A headline is a brief phrase that can grab the hiring manager’s attention while showcasing your value and fit.

  • Keep It Succinct: The resume headline’s goal is to concisely state your value as a job candidate. A resume headline should be one short phrase; it may not even be a complete sentence.
Amy WattWhat’s a good resume headline?
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Electrical Apprentice

If you know anyone wanting to be an Electrical Apprentice, Hydro One’s hiring door is now opened and will close on October 2nd. Minimum requirement: Grade 12 English and Math, or equivalent.

Amy WattElectrical Apprentice
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Ace a Virtual Interview

The combination of the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with evolving technology, many companies are adopting virtual interviews.  As well, allowing employees to work remotely has many benefits.  The pandemic isn’t the only reason workplaces are allowing remote work.

To land a remote work role, you usually must pass a virtual interview.  As an award-winning career development practitioner and interview coach, I can provide you with insight on how to prepare for a virtual job interview.

Amy WattAce a Virtual Interview
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What is a resume profile summary?

The professional summary is your first opportunity to delve into the popular, “Tell me about yourself” interview question.  Give the recruiter a sneak peek at the value that you bring; this will hopefully entice them to call you for an interview.

The purpose of your resume is to articulate the value that you bring.  Your resume is your marketing brochure, you are the product.  Imagine visiting a car dealership to look at buying a car, and the salesperson gives you some pamphlets.

Amy WattWhat is a resume profile summary?
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