Can a resume design have colour? Absolutely!

Most of us have seen the typical resume templates; however, while they may be pleasing to the eye, most are not applicant tracking software (ATS) compliant. This means that you will probably be eliminated from the process because the resume reading software cannot “read” your resume.  Many of these resume templates are remarkably similar to each other.

Having a unique resume design that is pleasing to the reader’s eye and ATS compliant is beneficial.

Most resumes use similar section headings: Contact Information, Professional Summary, Skills & Competencies, Work Experience, and Education.

Make your resume irresistible in a highly competitive market by adding poised and intentional colour. This strategy will help to draw in the eye of the reader.  Simple yet effective use of colour and graphics can draw the eye to essential information while emphasizing compatibility.

Remember, a stellar resume starts with great content. Use visual presentation elements to capture the reader’s attention.

Design elements should be used carefully to boost your visibility and professional brand. Ways to use colour and graphics to highlight key points include: 

  • Colour blocks to highlight impact statements and key points
  • Coloured arrows or checkmarks to point at your career accomplishments 
  • Graphs to showcase quantifiable data, such as increased revenue, targets, growth, and profits 

On my resume sample page, I have showcased some designs; however, I create minimally designed resumes that still provide impact and are scannable by applicant tracking software (ATS).

Strategies to Capture Attention

Resume Design Strategy Showcase you name with a colour block

Resume Design Strategy Add a graphic resume header


Resume Design Strategy Use a branding statement in a coloured font to position yourself immediately.



Amy WattCan a resume design have colour? Absolutely!

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