How to get your Resume Noticed

The job market is competitive, there’s no doubt about that.  Your resume is usually your first chance to make a positive impression on the prospective employer, so taking the time to re-write or re-design your resume is worth it.  If you’re unsure or have no time, then hire a certified resume strategist.  Polishing up your resume can make a big impact.  Recruiters are often faced with stacks of resumes to sift through, making yours memorable will help to make you stand out.

Follow the Application Directions
This sounds simple; however, it seems that some do not take the time to actually read the instructions.  For example, if the instructions are to attach your cover letter and resume as one file, then do that.  Failure to follow the application directions speaks volumes and will most likely eliminate you from the process.

Rejected Resumes

The font that you use does matter.  Select a common and clean font so that it’s readable.  The recommended resume fonts are Ariel, Helvetica, Tacoma and Veranda. Personally, I find that Times New Roman and Calibri lack a modern feel.

White Space
White space is your ally! Don’t clutter up your resume and try to jam everything onto one or two pages.  This is visually overwhelming. Your resume must have white space so that it’s pleasing to the eye and encourages the reader to actually read your resume.

Delete the Resume Objective
It’s not about what you are seeking, it’s about the value that you bring.  Instead, write a profile summary, which is a succinct paragraph summarizing the value that you bring.  Be sure to read the job description so that you match your profile summary with what the employer is actually looking for.

Use Spell and Grammar Check
There cannot be any mistakes. None. Zero. Zilch.

Dictionary Series - Miscellaneous: Proofreader

Delete “Reference Available Upon Request”
If the hiring manager wants your references, then they will ask for them.  Also, your references may not want their contact information available to all.

Amy WattHow to get your Resume Noticed

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