Award-Winning Career Program – The Process

All-in-One Career Advancement Program

Alarm Clock
  • Step 1 - Contact Me - Email, Call or Zoom

    I appreciate that time is of the essence for most people. You are busy and want to get started now, without hassle. I understand that it’s tempting to click “Buy Now” on a website, but finding the right partner to tell your career story is not a decision to be made lightly.

  • Email:

    I will respond to you very quickly, even on weekends! Email is efficient because you can include your old resume, your LinkedIn profile, and your target position. If you prefer to chat first, send me an email to set up a phone call or Zoom meeting.

  • Step 2 - Information Gathering

    I utilize my award-winning process to create an achievement-focused resume, freshen up your LinkedIn profile AND prepare you for a job interview. I will thoroughly analyze your target position to create a questionnaire for you. I intentionally do not do phone intakes because it’s crucial that you have time to gather information and reflect on your achievements.

  • Clients rave how this step held immense value for their future. By trusting my process they were armed for the future with a way to document future achievements, update their resume, and be on-point in an interview.

  • Step 3 - I immerse myself in the development of your new career documents.

    You can get back to your important work as I carefully write and design your new cover letter, resume, and freshen up your LinkedIn profile. I spend many hours doing this, which is okay with me because I listen to jazz music and drink lots of coffee (Guy Fieri’s Bananas Foster is my favourite, and jazz.fm91 is my go-to radio station, in case you were wondering). Getting back to how I will help you, your new cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn refresh will:

  • DIFFERENTIATE you as a sought after job candidate.

  • ATTRACT the attention of hiring managers.

  • BOOST your credibility.

  • ADVANCE your career.

  • Step 4 - Your Feedback

    Your cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn refresh will be presented to you in Microsoft Word .doc format. You will have an opportunity to carefully review it, make suggestions, clarify, and approve the content. This is a collaborative process that may take a few back-and-forth edits to get it just right!

  • Step 5 - Interview Coaching Session

    I will provide you with my award-winning 6-page guide on how to prepare for behavioural interview questions and a list of top interview questions. You will use these documents in conjunction with the questionnaire (step 2 in the process). We will have a 1-hour interview coaching session via phone or Zoom (it’s your choice!).

Are you ready to get started?

  1. Email
  2. Email your old resume and/or your LinkedIn profile URL.
  3. Please send a web URL link from the target employer’s website.

Do you have questions?

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