Storytelling is the interview strategy that you need.

As an award-winning interview coach, I help job seekers identify their value and communicate it to employers through strategic storytelling.  Many employers utilize behavioural interview questions, which requires a detailed answer; this is where storytelling comes in.

Storytelling a powerful interview strategy because:

With interview storytelling, you share a detailed account of what happened. You carefully construct your experience to showcase your strengths and align your skills set with the position. With details, you connect the dots to prevent the listener from making an assumption.

You organize your thoughts to deliver an interview answer that’s on-point. My award-winning interview strategy goes deeper than the basic STAR (situation, task, action, result) approach. During an interview, you don’t want to talk in circles, miss points, or deliver a shallow answer. Arranging your interview answer in advance keeps your mind on-task.

It positions you as the person for the job. Carefully review the target job posting and research the company.  Craft examples of when you have demonstrated the competencies and skills that the company is seeking.  You don’t always need to have scenarios that ended well. Establishing that you can learn from mistakes and be self-critical are excellent skills.

You will be memorable. Delivering a detailed account of a work-related scenario that’s aligned with what the employer is seeking in a candidate will make you memorable.

Are you looking to sharpen your interview storytelling skills? I can help you!

Amy WattStorytelling is the interview strategy that you need.

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