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7 Questions to Expect in Your Remote Interview

It is not uncommon for job hunters to go into an interview without doing any real preparation. Some candidates do this, thinking that because the interviewer will be asking about their experiences and skills, they have all the answers they need. And some candidates try to prepare but don’t know where to start because they are unsure of the questions that will be asked.

Most interviews feature the same sort of questions, with a few added industry-specific questions, that will help the interviewer determine your job-related knowledge. The hiring process has changed immensely in the last while, and most interviews are now remote, which can add another level of anxiety to the process. 

Preparation before an interview will help you feel less anxious, help you avoid stumbling over your words, and may even be the ticket to winning the job. Knowing how to conduct yourself in a remote interview is one thing, but preparing to answer the interview questions is a whole other ball game.

Amy Watt7 Questions to Expect in Your Remote Interview
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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

During the hiring process, your resume is only one piece of the puzzle.  Resumes get you an interview, not the job.  It’s the job interview that lands you the job.

Unfortunately, the interview is where people most people mess up.

Even the most fantastic resume and killer credentials can’t mask poor interviewing skills. The interview is where you must display confidence, stellar oral communication skills, and the ability to articulate the value that you bring.

Amy WattHow to Prepare for a Job Interview
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