The Best Jobs of the Future

As our world evolves and becomes more reliant on automation and robotics for everyday things, so many parts of our lives have become more convenient. Along with these modern conveniences, many jobs that once existed are now replaced by robots or computers. Even McDonald’s soft drinks are now automated.

And there is more change to come.

By 2030, there will be 73 million jobs replaced by robotics. The shift in modernization has left people scrambling to figure out if their career could be obsolete and looking to the future to find a career path that is robot and automation-proof. The sheer number of replaceable jobs is staggering, so it is understandable to feel a bit overwhelmed by this.

Fear not! Civilization has been through this before. The Industrial Revolution, which started in the 18th Century, switched most manufacturing processes from hand production to powered machines. People were shocked and appalled and believed that the world would never recover, but, alas—here we stand!

The great news is that new jobs will replace some of the positions taken by automation and robotics. So, what kind of new jobs can you look forward to in the future?


Read our favourites below:


1.   Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Development Manager

This career requires both business expertise and technical artificial intelligence (AI) experience, and a grasp of machine learning. You will need to learn to build programs for the public or private sector and understand how to use cloud computing services.

This position will work with sales representatives and technologists to help drive sales and help customers in the private and public sectors create new capabilities and services while keeping costs down.

We will use smart machines to solve intricate business issues, and companies will need development managers to help businesses embrace cloud services’.

What you need for this job: technical experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning,  education and experience in engineering, cloud computing, and product development. Additional skills are customer service skills and the ability to help sell a product.


2.   Data Analyst

A data analyst or data detective is a career that delves into banks of data to source knowledge and insight. You can find this type of position in various public or private sector positions, where data needs to be analyzed. Still, if you are interested in a law enforcement career or have a love of problem-solving, this job might be perfect for you.

If you love connecting the dots and mining for a connection, a career as a data analyst might be the right fit.


3.   Ethical Sourcing Officer or Manager

While A.I. and robotics will eliminate many mundane or menial jobs that we may not even enjoy, it still leaves companies open to ethical issues.

An ethical sourcing officer or manager will be placed in a company to ensure that corporations and organizations adhere to ethical practices.

The job will ensure that corporations use supplies that are ethically sourced and sustainable. The corporation will want to ensure that they keep operating costs down, mitigating risks, and protecting their brand. In this position, it will be your responsibility to follow the supply chain to monitor this.


4.   Health Care Technician (AI-assisted)

This position is geared toward someone with a nursing background.

To qualify for this job, you will be required to have nursing education and training and enough technological awareness to use portable testing equipment and telemedicine tools for travel healthcare.

AI is used to diagnose and then treat illnesses, and doctors will be available via video link to provide further information and reinforcement.


5.   Programmer

As technology evolves and becomes smarter, the need for computer programmers increases. There will be positions dedicated solely to robotic programming, and a programmer will probably be responsible for testing a programmed robot.

A robotic programmer will need to be on the cutting edge of robot technology and coding, and adapt it into new projects or robots that already exist.


6.   Fitness Counsellor

This position is for the less-than tech-savvy person who is interested in health and fitness.

We will still need people interested in continuing health education, and a fitness counsellor will work with your wearable technology (think FitBit or Apple Watch) to track and analyze your fitness data.

The fitness counsellor will look at your analysis and then offer support and encouragement, keeping subscribers on the program. They might also take into account more lifestyle factors when recommended health programs.


7.   Virtual Shop Assistant

This job relies a little less on technological knowledge.

A virtual shop assistant will work in a store to interface with customers in virtual reality or live feed, procure items, and then ship to you via an ever-evolving delivery service.

We see a position such as this popping up during the global pandemic and lockdown. Many business owners have turned to curbside pickup with orders via phone or social media/email to keep sales flowing.


8.   Controls Engineer

A controls engineer position ensures the production of the highest quality products in a well-ordered way. We will see this job in an already automated company, and the role will ensure that robots and machines speak to each other in a highly efficient manner.

A controls engineer will need to be fluent in computer languages as well as comfortable with robotics.


9.   Financial Wellness Consultant

When the economy becomes cash-free, our banking and investing will become more challenging to keep straight.

A financial wellness consultant will analyze the information you have put into a budgeting app (or even your online banking app) and give you advice about saving money, getting more from your investments, and providing advice on your credit situation.

To qualify for this position, you will need to have a financial background, with the possibility of investment planning certification or credit counselling as additional qualifications.


10.                 Information Technology (IT) Assistant

IT positions are not going anywhere, but an IT assistant or technologist’s role in a business may change. An IT assistant of the future will still be available to solve technological issues in a workspace, but as technology changes, the role of an IT assistant will need to adapt as well.

An IT Assistant may mean ensuring that electronics are running smoothly for the company or running virtual calls or meetings. The position will vary per company and type of business and require extensive knowledge of ever-evolving technologies.


11.                 Robot Technician

When robots are doing the work we once did, they can also wear down. In the case of a broken-down robot, there will be a necessity for robot technicians.

This position would be an internal or travelling robot technician that could test, wire, and rebuild robots as needed for a workspace. Technicians would be working on robotics in manufacturing, the medical sector, shipping and logistics, and construction.


Prepare for the Future

It is important to remember that as the world evolves, we usually get some warning. Keeping an eye on shifting trends in the workplace will have you prepared to take on new positions.

While we can rely on companies to keep employees trained for future changes in technology, it is also our responsibility to ensure that we are aware of the required training for new jobs in AI and robotics.

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