What are the Benefits of Interview Coaching?

Regardless of your time in the workforce, level of experience, or skill set, looking for a job can be stressful. It is, therefore, perfectly normal to seek help in your job search, especially when it comes to writing your resume or performing well on the interview.

One of the best things that you can do during your job search is hiring an interview coach. Whether you have many years in a particular industry and are looking for a change, have just finished school, or are seeking a promotion or a raise, an interview coach will tailor your interview training to help you present your best self, get ahead of the competition, and land the job you want.

Interview coaching has many benefits, and the following are just a few:


What is an Interview Coach?

An interview coach gives job seekers the tools to have an extra edge above other candidates for a job.

The interview coach typically has experience in career services, human resources, recruiting, or a professional environment. An excellent professional interview coach will also follow the latest hiring trend and news, and they might even develop some of the industry’s best interview techniques for hirees.

Professional interview coaches help candidates get over stumbling blocks that hold them back from getting hired. Interview anxiety is not limited to people new to the workforce, the young, and the inexperienced. Interview anxiety is entirely normal and spans across industries. From new workers to seasoned executives, many people experience stress when it comes to interviews and have also sought help from professional career coaches.


How Does an Interview Coach Help Job Seekers?

The job market is highly competitive, especially right now. COVID-19 affected hiring greatly, and now we see a shift in the market back into hiring. This hiring crunch, coupled with the simplicity of applying for jobs online, has led to an increased number of people applying for a limited number of jobs. You will need to self-promote. Therefore, to be hired, you will have to successfully call attention to your achievements and strengths and appear confident and secure.

Even without this current climate, you can always benefit from an interview coach. Interview coaches are generally familiar with aspects of interviewing that people need to do well at. They will also be prepared on targeted industry expectations, do’s and don’t’s within an interview, and hiring concerns.

A professional interview coach can also help you with the following:


  • Confidence building and self-awareness
  • Posture and presentation
  • Techniques to control your nervousness
  • How to make an excellent first impression
  • Addressing panel interviews
  • Predicting and preparing for questions
  • Building rapport
  • Answering situational, competency-based, and behavioural questions with strategy
  • Salary negotiations
  • How to close an interview, including questions to ask the hiring manager
  • How to follow up after an interview

In addition to this, an interview coach will help you narrow down your ‘story.’ When you are asked to talk about yourself, it is normal not to know where to start or not know when to stop, or you might even instinctively find yourself reciting your resume.

A coach will help you create your story. You will include what motivates you, how your experience relates to the role, how it will help you succeed in the role, what you like about the company and the position, and the part of the job where you feel like you can be most successful.

Your interview coach will recommend that you should also consider the five most common themes for behavioural interviews, like conflict resolution, teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, and accomplishment, and create stories that stick with these themes. If you have a few of these stories under your belt, you will be more prepared for your interview and ready to offer a story at a moment’s notice.


Insider Tips from Interview Coaches

An interview coach will tell you to research your prospective employer. Critical areas to research include their competition, customers, and product. If you can offer some insight and show the hiring manager that you have put thought into this company, you can better demonstrate how you can help them succeed in the future.

You should also pay attention to how you act on the phone or in virtual interviews. The coach may suggest how to dress for an interview, taking the phone call at your desk or a formal table, smiling as you would in person, and preparing just as readily as you would for an interview in person.

You should also do the following:


  • Always prepare your vocals before an interview, so your voice is clear
  • Try to schedule the interview in the afternoon and at a time when your schedule isn’t rushed
  • Put some talking points on a sticky note or notepad
  • Have a notepad during the interview so you can take notes and ask questions at the end of it
  • Remember that you are interviewing them for the job as well—ask about the company culture and what a day would be like in the role that you are applying for


Can you Benefit From an Interview Coach?

Hiring practices are changing—including how hard it is to have your resume even noticed by a hiring manager or recruiter—and you need to stay on top of new interviewing techniques. This is why working with a professional interview coach can give you a chance to get ahead of the other candidates vying for the same position as you.

When you are entering the interview phase of the hiring process, you are selling yourself to a hiring manager or recruiter, and you need to bring your best skills to the interview. Many job candidates leave things to chance and plan to read over potential interview questions from a Google search before their interview.

Most job seekers are not looking for new employment just for fun; they are almost always serious. Why would you leave the opportunity to be prepared for your interview on the table when there is an excellent option open to you?

With a professional interview coach, you will only gain more interview confidence. Your anxiety and discomfort will dissipate with more discussion and more development of your story.

Most interview coaches will offer single sessions, so you can choose to do as many sessions as you need. Depending on your level of comfort or preparation needs, you may want to work with an interview coach on an ongoing basis.

Career Marketing Centre has an award-winning employment interview strategist that uses a methodology for structuring your interview answers.

If you want the advantage of having interview coaching, contact us to arrange a session, or check out our website for more information about how interview coaching can benefit you.


Amy WattWhat are the Benefits of Interview Coaching?