What Should a Resume Cost?

Whether you are a seasoned worker looking for a new career position or are fresh into the workforce, resume writing can be intimidating!

The task of resume writing can stop some people from even applying for a new job, and for others, they turn to online templates to make life easier. But, employers are looking for more than your biographical information and a timeline of past employment.

Employers want to understand your value and what you will contribute to their business. They want to hear your specific attributes and how you have made your most recent employer better.

If you are serious about a new position, you need a carefully crafted resume, and if you can’t or are unsure of how to create one, a professional resume writer is your answer.

A serious and conscientious resume writer is dedicated to helping you achieve the results you desire from your resume and cover letter. The tailored resumes crafted by a professional resume writer are not based on a template taken from the internet and instead suit the industry and position for which you applied. Your resume lists your duties and responsibilities along with your accomplishments at your present and past jobs.

You are probably wondering how much a resume writer costs, especially considering the time devoted to crafting a customized resume and cover letter for the job you want. Producing a high-quality resume that will stand out to a hiring manager takes meticulous attention to detail, command of the task, and time to complete the resume.

Follow along while we answer the question of just how much does a resume cost?


Professional Resume Writers

Professional resume writers have made a career of creating well-written resumes and cover letters to help others reach employment and career aspirations. A skilled resume writer can create a resume and cover letter that combine your work experience, work achievements, and your skills in an appealing way. The purpose is to highlight you as the candidate that stands out above the others.

When you enlist a professional resume writer to create your resume, you have a better resume response rate, more interviews, a higher chance that a prospective employer will hire you, and a higher chance of securing a higher-level position.

There are typically two different types of resumes that a resume writer will create, and the price of the resume varies accordingly:


  • Professional resume: the average cost of a professional resume is between $179-$2,500. The fee depends on the type of resume, the writing process, the level of skill and experience, the certifications of the resume writer, and the desired turnaround time.


  • Executive resume: the average cost of an executive resume is between $300-$3,500. The fee again depends on the writing process, how long the resume takes to write, your employment history, and your resume writer’s credentials.

It is important to note that though it might be tempting to choose a resume writer on the lower end of the spectrum or choose a resume style that costs less, recognize that in doing so, you will probably receive a less personalized service than one that is slightly more expensive.


What Does a Good Resume Writer Offer?

Many people that fancy themselves resume writers have found a resume template on Pinterest, will take your payment, and do little more than plug your information into the template to create your ‘resume.’

A more professional resume writer may provide a less-customized version of a professional or executive resume for a lower price. A questionnaire-based resume means that you will probably be filling out a pre-made questionnaire that will be turned into a resume. The resume will not be tailored specifically to your industry and will not be as you as the more costly one. The amount of money invested into a resume writer will directly mirror what you receive in return regarding quality and service.

If you pay very little for your resume, you can be sure it will look similar to the other candidates for your job. If you invest more money into your future career by paying more for your resume, you will likely have a phone interview with the writer and have some room to request revisions after receiving the first draft of the resume. The professional resume writer will deliver the resume to you, template-free, compatible with artificial intelligence (AI) systems like the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), while still appealing to HR managers or recruiters.


How to Find the Right Resume Writer

The purpose of hiring a resume writer is to have a professional resume when applying for jobs. Your resume should represent you as a brand and solidify your brand personality. A managerial position should have a different resume than one for an entry level gig, for example. This is why it is essential to hire a resume writer if you have any questions about these differences and how to address them.

Price should not be the only factor you consider when hiring a resume writer. When you are searching for the right resume writer, there are a few other factors to look for, such as:


  • Certifications: Your resume writer should have some credentials related to career development, resume writing, or other employment-related certifications.
  • Presence on the Web: Chances are, if your resume writer has taken the time and spent the money to have a website created, they are serious about their craft. If they don’t have a website, they should at least have a social media presence with reviews.
  • Time: If your resume writer promises a fast turnaround time without an extra fee and agreement, they may not be spending enough time on your resume. Find a resume writer that will spend 4-7 days creating a resume that will help you get the job you are after—they may also offer a rush option, but it should not be their standard.
  • Bonus: A resume writer that has won awards in the career and employment sector is an additional sign that the resume writer is conscientious and will craft an excellent quality resume.

Once you have spoken with a potential resume writer, you will get a feel for their professionalism and whether or not they will deliver a great resume.


Career Marketing Centre

If you want to give yourself a boost in your job search, you will need a resume that garners the attention of an HR manager or recruiter. A professional resume writer that delivers a high-quality resume is worth the money and should be viewed as an investment in your future.

If you are ready to hire a professional resume writer, Career Marketing Centre can help craft a resume and discuss your career ambitions.

Our professional resume writer, Amy, is an award-winning resume writer and career coach and is committed to creating a captivating resume for you.

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