What to Expect When Hiring an Interview Coach

Do you feel like you need a change of scenery when it comes to your current job? Maybe you want, or deserve, a promotion? New to the workforce? Or, perhaps you have not had an interview in years. All of these scenarios warrant the help of a career coach.

A career coach has the expertise and workforce knowledge to help you prepare for an interview and land the job. Career coaches have mastered career planning, negotiation skills, resume writing, and interviewing. Just as you become an expert in your industry by studying and learning, career coaches continually research hiring applications and determine job seekers’ best practices.

After you have sent your well-crafted resume to your ideal job postings, you should start to hear from the employers to arrange an interview. But, if you are not sure how to interview, either because it’s been some time since your last interview or you tend to underperform during interviews, hiring a career or interview coach is the answer.

If you are ready to hire an interview coach but wonder what the process is, read on, and we will tell you what to expect when you hire an interview coach.


What Does an Interview Coach Do?

Interview coaches are on top of the hiring practices and understand what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for when hiring. They will tell you how to describe your professional work experience in a way that looks best to your potential employers. Essentially, an interview coach will help you market yourself as an asset to your potential hiring company.

Most interview coaches have some type of experience in an HR setting, and they can help you beyond just interview coaching. An interview coach may even talk to you about your future aspirations and plan to achieve them.


When Should You Hire an Interview Coach?

While job hunting is a great time to hire an interview coach, doing so when you are unsure how to proceed professionally is beneficial. An interview coach can help you decide if leaving your current position is a good step for you or if negotiating for a larger salary in your current post is better.


Where to Find an Interview Coach

You can find an interview coach from referrals, but there are also great interview coaches online. No two interview coaches are alike, and you want to ensure you are getting one that really knows what they are doing.

Research into the coach’s certifications and distinctions. If your potential interview coach has the career and interview-related credentials from the last few years, you can be certain that they are great at their craft.

Your interview coach may charge hourly for their sessions, or they may sell a package option. Either way, it is essential to remember that you will pay for the quality of the coach you have hired. For instance, if you pay for a simple resume package, you are only plugging your information into some blank spaces. If you pay for a professional interview coach, you will, in turn, be advised on a range of items, including industry terms, negotiating skills, and more.


What is the Cost of an Interview Coach?

As discussed in the previous section, the price of hiring an interview coach reflects their skill. An interview coach is no different than other professionals. Interview or career coaches base their fees on their credentials, specialties, industry experience, and success rate.

That means an interview coach who has developed or implemented an interview methodology or negotiating tactic or has professional accreditations is likely to charge a higher fee.

Typically, you can expect to pay between $150-$200 per session with an interview or career coach. Some may charge a little less for subsequent sessions. Before you agree to sign on with an interview coach, browse their website, if applicable. Does it look professional? Do they have the skills you are looking for? If they don’t have any web presence, you will need to ask for references.


What Will You Get Out of Hiring an Interview Coach?

When you hire a professional and reputable interview coach, you can expect at least one session where the coach will help you to build confidence, develop storytelling to aid interview flow, and explain how to structure your answers, and more. The end goal is to appear self-assured and impress the interviewer to land that job!

When you invest a little money in the right career or interview coach, your return will be much more than you put in. An interview coach can help you get the job you have always wanted, land that promotion, or even negotiate for more money in your current career.

An interview coach devotes attention and expertise to attain the results you were looking for, and usually in less time than it would have taken to interview and land the job on your own.

Interview coaches listen to job hunters and note their blunders so that you can learn from them and create your own path to career success.


What Happens in an Interview Coaching Session?

Before you have your interview coaching session, consider what you would like to gain from experience. Ask questions you have wondered in past interviews, or ask for help achieving your goals.

Your coach will want to know about your work experience and performance, such as your past successes and challenges.

Your coach will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, as well. If you have been unsuccessful with interviews in the past, your coaching session will work through your obstacles. If your issue is shyness or a fear of public speaking, let your interview coach know this so that you can tackle the problem immediately.

Your coach wants to know your goals and wants to know your background; they will ask you to tell your story but may ask some questions to fill in the blanks they find. The coach is working to discover what motivates you, your values, and your strengths and challenges.

It is crucial to be completely truthful during your coaching sessions. Interview coaches like Amy Watt want you to succeed, and everything that has held you back from your goals thus far should be on the table.


Hiring an Interview Coach

Once you have decided to invest in your career and hire an interview coach, it is time to figure out the best match for you.

Remember that you will get what you pay for with your choice, and it is essential to ensure that your chosen interview coach has the experience and credentials to help you land your dream job.

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