What’s a good resume headline?

A headline is a brief phrase that can grab the hiring manager’s attention while showcasing your value and fit.

  • Keep It Succinct: The resume headline’s goal is to concisely state your value as a job candidate. A resume headline should be one short phrase; it may not even be a complete sentence. Remember, anything longer than a phrase diminishes the purpose of a headline.
  • Capitalize Your Headline: Think of your headline as your book title; capitalize the words so that it looks like a title. This resume headline strategy will make your headline stand out.
  • Weave in Job Posting Keywords:  Demonstrate your skills and experiences related to the job posting using keywords from the job posting.
  • Always Revise Your Resume Headline: Create a new resume headline for each job application. Yes, this does take time; however, it’s well worth it.  Generically written resumes or resume that is not aligned with the job requirements do not usually stand out in the right way.

Resume Headline Examples

What is a resume headline for a manufacturing operations manager?

Transformational Manufacturing Operations Manager

What is a resume headline for a chief technology officer?

Revolutionary Technical Executive Dedicated to Transforming Businesses

What is a resume headline for a global marketing executive?

Reaching International Audiences Across all Platforms

Amy WattWhat’s a good resume headline?

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