Why a Career Coach Can Help You Earn More Money

After investing time and energy into your education and career preparation, it’s only natural that you will want to make as much money as you can. Even if you are working in your desired industry or career field, it is normal to hope to earn as much as possible.

To reach your maximum earning potential, or even get close to it, you will need to do one of two things.

First, if you are at the point of being hired, you will need to ask for a salary that is likely beyond the listed or mentioned salary. Secondly, if you are already employed and not looking to move on, you will need to ask for a raise.

Both of these steps can be uncomfortable to take. After all, it is awkward to talk about money, especially when you don’t know how to do it or even how to bring it up.

Enter the career coach. A career coach can help you with getting the raise or salary you ask for or deserve. They can also help you secure a job or intelligently make mid or late-career shift decisions.

There are many career coaches out there with no credentials who will claim to help you with your career aspirations, so it can be hard to know how to choose a legitimate career coach. It is crucial to choose a career coach with the knowledge and experience to advise you to help you with your career goals or get the raise you desire.

Can a career coach help you secure that raise? How do you determine that the career coach you are using is worth the investment?

We’ve got the answers!


What is a Career Coach?

A reputable career coach has the skills and knowledge to help you with your career goals. They possess the expertise and industry knowledge to help you create an achievable and personalized plan.

Once you find a good career coach, you will typically have one or more sessions around fact-finding and getting to know you. The coach will determine your strengths and ask you about your educational and work experience. They will also ask about your current career situation and where you would like to be in the future.

From this point, the career coach will create an action plan for you to achieve your goals. They can provide interviewing tips like sample questions and conduct a mock interview to see where you may fall flat.

A career coach can also put your strengths into words, helping you feel more comfortable speaking to those strengths. And, of course, they can give you the tools you need to get a raise.


What Does a Career Coach Help You Do?

A career coach can help you to become more clear about your career aspirations. However, there is much more to the services of a career coach.

Suppose you feel stuck in a rut in your current position. In that case, a career coach can give you unbiased guidance, help with the decision to transition to another job or industry, and even prepare a resume for you for an extra fee. Of course, a career coach can’t make a decision for you, but they help provide the voice of reason when you can’t see beyond your current situation.

One of the biggest things that job seekers struggle with is the interview process. From shyness to difficulty formulating a personal brand, job hunters have many issues to overcome if they wish to be a successful candidate for a position. A career coach will help you formulate the response to interview questions that are notoriously hard to answer.

A good career coach is also aware of the issues that hold job hunters back from moving forward, career-wise. Once you can identify any of these patterns, you can resolve them and move forward.


How to Find a Good Career Coach

The first thing to look for when researching career coaches is certification.

As moving forward with a multi-faceted career plan involves different aspects, an excellent career coach should also have several certifications to serve your needs best. At Career Marketing Centre, you will work with an award-winning career coach certified in resume writing as well as resume, career, employment, and interview strategies.

Look for a professional website with a clear description of the career coach’s products and services, education, training, and credentials. These items indicate that you are choosing the right practitioner. More than likely, you will be able to view testimonials there as well.


Hiring a Career Coach

When you are ready to move forward with decision-making, resume building, interviewing, job searching, or exploring exciting career options, contact a professional career coach.

Not only can a career coach help you ask for a raise in a tactful but firm way, they can also help guide you to asking for a better starting wage.

When you have made an appointment to discuss your goals, make a list of your objectives so that your career coach will have a good idea of what you want to accomplish.

Whether you are looking for a raise or looking to be considered for a promotion, or even starting your career just out of school, Amy Watt at Career Marketing Centre has developed innovative strategies through industry knowledge and personal experience to help you succeed.

Career advice from a career coach is an investment in your future, which is why Career Marketing Centre is the best choice for job hunters and those who are looking to increase their salary.

Career Marketing Centre offers services for any job seeker looking to sharpen their skills and can help give you the push you need to move forward or move on. Contact us today to get started!


Amy WattWhy a Career Coach Can Help You Earn More Money