Why Career Coaching is Necessary in 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it—and it may be permanent. From virtual meetings and online hangouts to distanced coffee dates and driveway chats, this is the way we see people now. Our way of seeing people outside of our so-called bubble has had to change, or else we wouldn’t see anyone at all.

Just as the rest of our interactions are adapting and evolving, so are job interviews. With the evolution (and success) that employers are finding with virtual interviews, they may be here to stay!

If you are new to the job force, you would like to change your career, or if you simply do not do well in interviews, this could be unwanted news. The internet is full of hints and tricks for doing well on an interview, and while you can pick up some good interview tips this way, a career coach is a better option.

Read along to see why hiring a career coach is necessary in 2021 and how it can help you land your dream job or raise your salary or responsibilities.


What is a Career Coach?

To begin, it is essential to understand just what a career coach is.

A career coach is someone well-versed in the recruitment and hiring process. The coach can help you get ready for a career change and prepare for interviews. The career coach will observe your current interview approach by probing how you interview, suggest changes to help you gain confidence, and suggest ways you can avoid making the same mistakes you have in past interviews.

A career coach can help you develop or sharpen the skills you need to be successful in the interview and hiring process.

There is a small fee for hiring an interview coach, but when you think of this payment as an investment in your future, it will be more than worth it.


Break Your Hard-to-break Habits

We all have habits, some good, some bad. Most of the time, until someone else points it out, or it becomes a distraction, we don’t notice these habits.

A career coach is there to observe you and your habits. This does not only refer to physical habits like biting your nails but it also means recognizing the patterns that keep us from moving forward in our careers or in our life in general.

A career coach can help you move beyond your bad habits and patterns to realize your best self and get hired for the career you dream of!


Improve Your Communication Skills

A career coach may make you sit for a mock interview to see how you perform in that situation.

In the past, we may have partly relied on our handshake and small talk skills to build rapport with a prospective employer during interviews. Now, with virtual interviews, we can no longer rely solely on our charm. The virtual medium means that you’ll need to improve your interview skills and ensure that you provide the right answers while conveying the appropriate body language.

With remote interviews made on a webcam and computer, the interviewer will be more aware of your communication skills (or lack thereof). This is extremely important because your communication skills will likely be one of the most important factors in hiring you.

Even if your interview is face-to-face, you can learn from mock interviews. Your communication skills will be improved the more you speak with a career coach, and you can carry this into your interviews, your new career, and your life.


Gain Confidence

You may be suffering from a lack of confidence when it comes to interviewing, either from fear of public speaking, being unsure of yourself and your answers, or being out of practice.

A career coach helps you develop a plan for an interview and coaches you through whatever challenges you need to overcome. One of the most common mistakes people make in interviews is underselling themselves because they believe it to be bragging. An interview coach will help you become assertive enough to discuss your successes without feeling ashamed to do so.

An interview coach can also help you overcome anxiety about freezing when you don’t have a quick answer to a question. A career coach will work through your stumbling blocks so that your virtual interview goes smoothly.


New Interview Strategies

Suppose you are fully qualified for a job, and you have been through interviews without any callback. In that case, your interviewing techniques need some tweaking.

Perhaps your demeanour isn’t translating well into virtual interviews. You need someone without biases to listen to you and give you feedback. A career coach is the person to do this and will provide useful critiques so you can learn from this behaviour.

A career coach will help you establish different strategies that might help you secure the job you want. A good interview coach will discover your strengths and help you overcome your challenges through discussion. The right coach will help you frame what you may perceive as a weakness so it presents as strength and experience.


Other Benefits of a Career Coach

The hiring process in 2021 has become much more involved. It is harder to get your resume considered, so once you finally get an interview, you want to use every tool available to you.

The benefits of career coaching go beyond help with interviews. You will gain confidence and assertiveness while presenting your experience, and your personality, in the best light possible.

Perhaps working with an interview coach will give you the push that you need to move forward in applying for a new position.


Hiring a Career Coach

Hiring a career coach is much the same as hiring any other professional. The fee you pay will be a reflection of what you get in return.

Check your career coach’s certifications or qualifications to determine whether they have the experience and skills you deserve. You might even find a coach that has a specialty in the particular industry you are applying to.

Most coaching programs are purchased per session, which means that you can take as many—or as few—as you need to increase your confidence.

A professional career coach will also supply you with a list of sample interview questions. This will help you prepare for your session and help you get over the discomfort of answering questions in an interview setting. At Career Marketing Centre, you will find a great career coach with a developed, award-winning methodology that will structure your interview answers and help you succeed.

Most importantly, with the ever-changing hiring processes for 2021 and beyond, a reputable career coach will have adapted their interview coaching process to include virtual interview preparedness.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact Career Marketing Centre today and take the next step toward the career of your dreams!


Amy WattWhy Career Coaching is Necessary in 2021?