Why You Should Hire a Certified Career Coach

Do you wonder if there is a career you might be more suited to? Do you feel unsatisfied in your current role? You might even want to move up to an executive position. Whatever your reason for job hunting, there is more to a job search than submitting resumes and crossing your fingers.

This old-fashioned method of finding a job has given way to different job search techniques. You will need specially crafted resumes and practice rehearsing your work ‘story’ for interviews, among other modern requirements, to land a job.

Does this make you feel like a fish out of water? You’re not alone. Many job hunters and people looking to advance in their chosen careers have been in the same position as you. This is especially relevant when someone is new to the workforce or headed back to the modern job search. Luckily, there are career coaches to help.

A quality career coach can unleash your potential. Doing so will help you start working the job you have always wanted or get your foot in the door of the industry you wish to be a part of.

This article will tell you what a career coach does and why hiring a certified career coach is the best investment you can make in your future career.


What is a Certified Career Coach?

When you are sick, you call a doctor. Need accounting done? Call an accountant. Just as doctors, accountants, and other professionals are experts in their field—a certified career coach is also an expert. Their area of expertise just happens to be in resume writing, career planning, interviewing, and job negotiating practices.

Relying on something you have read on the internet alone will not help a job hunt, especially with the way modern recruiting and hiring practices work. As job recruiting and hiring has moved online, many more applicants apply for positions by sending emailed copies of applications or resumes. Before online recruiting and hiring, we would print a resume and head to the office and give the resume to a manager with a handshake and a smile. Without the personal touch of face-to-face recruiting, a certified career coach can help with the missing handshake and smile.

A career coach helps you build a personal brand. When you hire a career coach, they will ask questions to get to know your work history, achievements, and experience that will look best to a potential employer. A great career coach will weave a story around this information, thus creating your brand, which you will market to hiring managers and recruiters.

A career coach can create your resume and format it in a way that will ensure it is seen by the correct hiring managers. They can also coach you for interviews with practice questions and help with the anxiety that plagues many job hunters. You can call on a career coach to help you create a career path that leads to your final dream career destination. And finally, a career coach can help negotiate a raise or starting salary.

In Canada, hiring a certified career coach means that the coach has been certified through Career Professionals of Canada. When you hire a certified career coach, you can be sure that they have completed courses that give them knowledge and expertise to lead you to your career goals.


Why You Should Hire a Certified Career Coach

Is your ultimate goal is to be hired for an excellent job out of school? Or are you trying to win a promotion? Maybe you want to get into a new industry altogether. Whatever the case, a good career coach can and will help you with a few boxes you need to tick before your goals are met.


Gain Advantage

With practice interviews or carefully written resumes, you will have more of an advantage than your competitors without. Your success stories or brand will be easy to recount to a hiring manager or recruiter, helping build your rapport with the hiring manager and prove your worth as a candidate.


Overcoming Objections

When you are job hunting or looking for a raise or promotion, there are often objections from hiring managers. For instance, when you are asked the dreaded “what is your biggest weakness” question in an interview, or you have gaps in your employment history, you may find yourself struggling to answer the questions. A good career coach will help you formulate responses to these and other difficult questions you might encounter. 

A good career coach will objectively recognize your qualities, things you may have even missed yourself, and put them into words to use to your advantage.


Money Matters

We all want to make as much money as possible. When you start to consider the steps to getting a raise from your current employer or looking for a new job that will pay more than your current one, a career coach can help.

A certified career coach will help you frame a request for a raise so that your negotiation has more weight behind it. A good coach will teach you how to ask for more money and learn more income-based strategies.

Since hiring a career coach pays off with less time on the job search and a better income, hiring the coach will quickly pay for itself.


Personalized Coaching

When you hire a good career coach, they will spend time getting to know you. Some so-called coaches are not worth the money, and it will be evident by the amount of time spent learning about you.

A good career coach will tailor your resume to suit the job you are looking for. They will create a mock interview that helps with your specific job needs. There are resume mills that plug your information into a system and create a generic resume that looks the same as every other job seeker. When you need interview coaching, career coaches who offer you a premade coaching program without asking you for personal information are not worth the time or the money.


Bad Habits Be Gone

We are creatures of habit, and when it comes to job hunting, it is no different.

You have probably developed work strategies that you would use in an interview. However, if you have floundered in your career or you have been looking for work for a long time, your strategies aren’t working. A good career coach will help you revamp your career strategies to get a new perspective on your job search or interview methodology.


Where to Find a Good, Certified Career Coach

A qualified and successful certified career coach will have studied the hiring trends required to stay relevant in the career coaching world. This knowledge of the technical, work and business aspects of hiring will help you with your career aspirations.

If you are considering hiring a career coach, look at their website. You may first want to check how long the career coach has been in operation. Check for certifications, recommendations and educational and professional experience. Some career coaches have education in the career services field. In contrast, others have come to the role with experience and certifications. Both are worthy career coaches if they are certified as professionals.

A certified career coach like you will find at Career Marketing Centre has certifications in all five categories offered by the Career Professionals of Canada.

For resume service, your resume will be ATS-compliant, attractive and well-written. So, when it crosses an employer’s desk, you will catch the hiring manager’s eye. If you need a career coach for interviewing, Career Marketing Centre will take the time necessary to get to know you. They will work with your experience to help you formulate a strategy for getting hired.


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